Pacific Rim Review of Books

Issue Two

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Complete Issue Contents:

  • Remembering U Thant
    by Michael Platzer
  • South Korean Report
    by Gary Snyder
  • American Music and Dylan Blowing on the Page
    by Joseph Blake
  • Rethinking Cancer Therapy
    by Dr. Nicolas Kats
  • Darkness into Light: Thomas Merton'.s Lonely Metaphysics
    by Ron Dart
  • Books on the Game Trail
    by Andrew Schelling
  • The Translation of Meaning in Rilke
    by Kuldip Gill
  • An Encounter in India
    Hans Plomp
  • East Meets West
    by Reg Little
  • from Paris/Quebec
    images by Miles Lowry
  • The Last Time They Saw Paris
    by Gwladys Downes
  • The Word, The Way, The Look: Another Side of Charles Bukowski
    by John Caroll
  • The Devil's Anarchy
    review by Charles Kaplan
  • The Unyielding Clamour of the Night by Neil Bissoondath
    review by Linda Rogers
  • Exploring Poetic Voices
    review by Trvor Carolin
  • Inheriing Stars, Especially Landscapes, Whispered Fictions
    review by Wendy Morton
  • Summer of Confessions
    review by Elizabeth Bushinsky
  • Echolocation
    by JoAnne Dionne
  • Bay Poets
    review by Sonnet Force
  • On the Beach: a reviw of Juno Beach
    review by Barbara J. Messamore
  • Just Crazy About Lily
    review by Maureen Moore
  • Murder, He Said
    review by Barry Hammond
  • From the Chinese Diaspora
    review by Martin VanWoudenberg
  • Film-Like Precision in Form
    review by Yvonne Blomer
  • A Holy Hour
    review by Liz Monk