Pacific Rim Review of Books

Issue Five

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Complete Issue Contents:

  • R. Crumb's Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country
    by Rick Van Krugel
  • The Dominion of the Physical
    by John Wilson Foster
  • The View From Castle Rock
    by Linda Rogers
  • Thompson's Highway
    by Linda Rogers
  • Healing New Orleans
    by Joseph Blake
  • J-Pop Animae's Sexy New Heroine?
    by Martin Van Woudenberg
  • At Hell's Gate
    by James Eke
  • The Redemption of Anna Dupree
    by Linda Rogers
  • Mulling Over Real Regime Change for the Global Age
    by Rosita Dellios
  • On the Collosus of Maroussi: a meditation on the end of war
    by Andy Hoffman
  • Writing on Stone
    by Linda Rogers
  • Home of Sudden Service
    by Martin Van Woudenberg
  • Creeley Collected
    by Mike Doyle
  • 100 Aspects of the Moon
    by Apis Teicher
  • Surviving in Bangkok
    by Patrick Carolan
  • Gleanings from a Bangkok Bookshop
    by Trevor Carolan
  • How to Swallow a Pig
    by Jamie Reid
  • A Hundred Love Poems from Old Korea
    by Trevor Carolan
  • In the Northwest Tradition
    by John Carroll
  • The Haiku Apprentice
    by Apis Teicher
  • What It Takes to be Human
    by Linda Rogers
  • Memories Arrested in Space
    by Jim Sullivan
  • On Target With High-Maintenance
    by John Tyndall