Pacific Rim Review of Books

Issue Six

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Complete Issue Contents:


  • Divisadero by Michael Ondaatje
    reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • Straw for the Fire: from the notebooks of Theodore Roethke
    reviewed by Mike Doyle
  • Journeys Between Books
    essay by Jim Christy
  • “Geography of a West Coast Dreamer”: Gary Snyder and the Pacific Rim
    by Timothy Gray, reviewed by John Carroll


  • Sound & Fury: The Battle of the Five Spot: Ornette Coleman and the New York Jazz Field by David Lee; Alive at the Village Vanguard by Lorraine Singer; Lee Morgan: His Life, Music and Culture by Tom Perchard
    reviewed by Joseph Blake
  • Culture Watch: Artscorp Coming to a World Near You
    by Carol Ann Sokoloff


  • A Child Again by Robert Coover
    reviewed by Bernard Gastel
  • Harvey Pekar: a brief interview
    interview by James Eke
  • High Tea in Mosul: Two Englishwomen in War-torn Iraq by Lynne O’Donnell
    reviewed by Michael Platzer
  • Earth’s Crude Gravities by Patrick Friesen
    reviewed by Allan Brown
  • “Post-colonial Encounters”: Mr Ding’s Chicken Feet by Gillian Kendall
    reviewed by Ranbir Banwait
  • Caliban and the Witch by Silvia Federici
    reviewed by Stephen Snelders
  • The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion
    reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • Backwater Mystic Blues by Lloyd Ratzlaff
    reviewed by Martin Van Woudenberg
  • “Moon as Symbol”: the moon with mars in her arms by Carolyn Zonailo
    reviewed by Nola Accili
  • What the Auntys Say by Sharron Proulx-Turner
    reviewed by Morgan Stafford O’Neal
  • The Pillowbook of Dr Jazz by Trevor Carolan
    reviewed by Hillel Wright
  • The Buddha, Geoff and Me by Edward Canfor-Dumas
    reviewed by Patrick Carolan
  • Helpless by Barbara Gowdy
    reviewed by Elizabeth Rhett Woods
  • The Sea by John Banville
    reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • Japanamerica by Roland Kelts
    reviewed by Todd Shimoda
  • Morningstar: A Warrior’s Spirit by Morningstar Mercredi
    reviewed by Frances Cabahug
  • The Lizard Cage by Karen Conelly
    reviewed by Alexandra Moss
  • Beyond the Blue by Andrea MacPherson
    reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By by Leza Lowitz
    reviewed by Christina Morita Clancy
  • Matters of Life and Death by Bernard Maclaverty
    reviewed by Len Gasparini
  • One Muddy Hand: Selected Poems by Earle Birney
    reviewed by Allan Brown
  • Nota Bene Poems by Stephen Bett
    reviewed by John Tyndall
  • The Lives of Others: a film by Florian Henckel von Donnersmark
    reviewed by Mike Doyle
  • “Visions and Codes: Two Novels”: Bablyon Babies by Maurice G. Dantec; Seven Touches of Music by Zoran Zivkovic
    reviewed by Bernard Gastel