Pacific Rim Review of Books

Issue Seven

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Complete Issue Contents:


  • Gabrielle Roy: a Passion for Writing by André Vanasse
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • The Space Between a Bed and a Chair: Remembering Tennessee Williams
    By Len Gasparini
  • Avanti! The Dharma Poetics of Diane di Prima: Revolutionary Letters
    Reviewed by Trevor Carolan
  • Stop Making Sense: The Fire: Collected Essays of Robin Blaser
    Reviewed by Peter Grant
  • “I’m a Liberal, You’re an Ideologue, He’s a False Prophet”: Joseph Howe and the Battle for Freedom of Speech, by John Ralston Saul
    Reviewed by Hilary Turner


  • Sound & Fury: “Cartographers of the Heart”:
    Too Lives To Fly: Ballad of the Late, Great Townes Van Zandt by John Kruth
    Lonely Avenue: the Unlikely Life of Doc Pomus by Alex Halberstadt
    Reviewed by Joseph Blake
  • Healing & Health: Making A Wild Salad, by Dr. Nicolas Kats


  • His Doubtful Excellency by Jan Drabek
    Reviewed by Josef Skvorecky
  • The Poem of Life: a Biography of Louis Zukofsky by Mark Scroggins
    Reviewed by Mike Doyle
  • “Playing August Strindberg” Miss Julie by August Strindberg, adapted by David French; The Butcher’s Apron by Charles Tidler
    Reviewed by Rachel Wyatt
  • Sunrise in Armageddon by Will Alexander
    Reviewed by Allan Graubard
  • “Reclaiming the Mother Tongue”—Speaking in Tongues: PEN Canada Writers in Exile by Maggie Helwig, Ed.
    Reviewed by Sanja Garic-Komnenic
  • At the Same Time: Essays and Speeches by Susan Sontag
    Reviewed by Michael Hsu
  • “Joyful Wisdom from the Old Master”: Back On The Fire by Gary Snyder
    Reviewed by Joseph Blake
  • My Mother is an Alien: Ten Takes on Life and Film by George Melnyk
    Reviewed by Martin Van Woudenberg
  • Louisiana In Words by Joshua Clark
    Reviewed by Len Gasparini
  • My Mother Agrees With The Dead by Susan Stenson
    Reviewed by Yvonne Blomer
  • The Astro Boy Essays: Osamu Tezuka, Mighty Atom, and the manga-anime revolution by Frederik L. Schodt
    Review by Hillel Wright
  • Sit Down and Shut Up: Punk Rock Commentaries by Brad Warner
    Reviewed by James Eke
  • A Memoir of Friendship: Letters Between Carol Shields and Blanche Howard
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • I’m a Liberal, You’re an Idealogue, He’s a False Populist: Jospeh Howe and the Battle for Freedom of Speech by John Ralston Saul
    Reviewed by Hilary Turner
  • “Depth Psychology East and West”: The Dalai Lama At MIT by Anne Harrington and Arthur Zajonc, Eds.
    Reviewed by Patrick Carolan
  • The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano
    Reviewed by Al MacLachlan
  • Vali Myers: A Memoir
    Reviewed by Allan Graubard
  • “Where Literature Meets Sport”: The Bone Cage by Angie Abdou
    Reviewed by Heather Kerr
  • Radiance by Shaena Lambert
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • Lover of Unreason by Yehuda Koren and Eilat Negev
    Review by Linda Rogers
  • The Bone Sharps by Tim Bowling
    Review by Mary Jo Anderson