Pacific Rim Review of Books

Issue Seventeen

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Complete Issue Contents:


  • “Racine on the Prairie: Richard Ford’s Canada
    Reviewed by Richard Wirick
  • “A Great Soul”
    Memories of Irving Layton on his Centenary by Doug Beardsley
  • Seed Catalogue in an Italian-Canadian Garden: Homage as Montage”
    Essay by Carmelo Militano
  • “Yolande Villemaire in Translation”
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • Notes from Disappearing Lake by Robert Sund
    Reviewed by Michael Daley
  • “Making a Case for Formal Wit and Grace”: Collected Poems 1943-2004 by Richard Wilbur
    Reviewed by Doug Beardsley
  • All of it Singing by Linda Gregg
    Reviewed by David Day


  • Poetry: “After Reading ‘The Sad Phoenician’: A Fragment for Antonio Foti”
    by Carmelo Militano
    “Remembering John Newlove”
    by Len Gasparini
  • Music Books: “Summer Jazz Notes”: What a Wonderful World: The Music of Louis Armstrong’s Later Years by Ricky Riccardi; African Rhythms by Randy Weston; Jazz by Herman Leonard
    Reviewed by Joseph Blake
    “The Wrecking Crew” The Doors: A Lifetime of Listening to Five Mean Years by Greil Marcus; The Wrecking Crew: The Inside Story of Rock and Roll’s Best Kept Secret by Kent Hartman
    Reviewed by Joseph Blake


  • Afflictions & Departures by Madeline Sonik
    Reviewed by Judith Grey
  • Alphabestiary by H. Masud Taj and Bruce Meyer
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • “Eros, Builder of Cities”: Sex & Punishment: Four Thousand Years of Judging Desire by Eric Berkowitz
    Reviewed by Richard Wirick
  • The Tomb in the Kyoto Hills by Hans Brinkmann
    Reviewed by Hillel Wright
  • “Yannis Ritsos: A Greek Colossus”
    Reviewed by Amy Henry
  • Floating Like the Dead by Yasuko Thanh
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • “The Tao of Richard Wagamese”: Runaway Dreams by Richard Wagamese
    Reviewed by Trevor Carolan
  • “Under the Overpass”: Lost Memory of Skin by Russell Banks
    Reviewed by Richard Wirick
  • Cemetery Miss You by Jason S. Polley
    Reviewed by JoAnn Dionne
  • Hard Hed by Charles Tidler
    Reviewed by Nadine Lucas
  • “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” The Tower of Babble by Richard Stursberg
    Reviewed by Eric Spalding
  • “Blood on the Snow”: Dirty Snow by Tom Wayman
    Reviewed by Sean Arthur Joyce
  • Passages by Emile Ollivier
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • Becoming George: The Life of Mrs W.B. Yeats by Ann Saddlemyer
    Reviewed by Andrew Parkin
  • Rain; road; an open boat by Roo Borson
    Reviewed by Yvonne Blomer
  • “Carrying a Brimful Pail”: The Great Enigma by Tomas Tranströmer
    Reviewed by James Edward Reid
  • “A Story by Adventurers for Adventurers”: Winter in Fireland: A Patagonian Sailing Adventure by Nicholas Coghlan
    Reviewed by Marina Parapini
  • River Road by Hillel Wright
    Reviewed by Martin VanWoudenberg
  • “Kazin, Perambulating”: Alfred Kazin’s Journals, edited by Richard M. Cook
    Reviewed by Richard Wirick
  • “Poetry from the Might North”: Kerosene by Jamella Hagen
    Reviewed by Joanna Lilley
  • Water Ghosts by Shawna Yang Ryan
    Reviewed by Samantha Marr
  • “Passages from India”: The Meagre Tarmac by Clark Blaise
    Reviewed by Christopher Levenson
  • A Brazilian Incarnation by Bill Pearlman
    Reviewed by Bill Dodd
  • Dis ease and De sire by Kim Clark
    Reviewed by Linda Crosfield