Pacific Rim Review of Books

Issue Eighteen

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Complete Issue Contents:


  • “Reviving a Place in Poetry for Lenore Kandel”: The Collected Poems of Lenore Kandel
    Reviewed by Judith Roche
  • “Poets on Their Travels”: A Dark Boat by Patrick Friesen; The Weight of Dew by
    Daniela Elza, reviewed by Hilary Turner
  • “On Gregory Corso’s Poetics”
    Essay by Len Gasparini
  • “‘A Litany of Lost Things’: The Poetry of Dana Gioia”
    Essay by Doug Beardsley
  • “What Is There: James Schuyler”: Other Flowers: Uncollected Poems by James Schuyler
    Reviewed by Richard Wirick
  • “Jack Hirshman’s California Odyssey”
    Essay by Bill Pearlman
  • “Harlan Ellison, For the Greater Good”
    Essay by Carol Cooper
  • “Seeing David Meltzer”
    Essay by Neeli Cherkovski
  • “Lew Welch Revisited: a ‘bright-eyed bardic spirit’”: Ring of Bone Collected Poems by
    Lew Welch, reviewed by Colin James Sanders
  • “New York Lives”: The Last Holiday: A Memoir by Gil Scott-Heron; Le Freak by
    Niles Rogers; Fug You by Ed Sanders, reviewed by Joseph Blake
  • “Exaltations Amidst the Ruined Whipsers”: And tell the tulip summer by Allan Graubard
    Reviewed by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright
  • “To the Painful Heart of Africa”: Drink the Bitter Root: A Writer’s Search for
    Justice and Redemption in Africa by Gary Geddes, reviewed by Ralph Maud
  • “Paul Theroux’s African Blues”: The Lower River by Paul Theroux
    Reviewed by Eric Spalding
  • Border Songs by Sam Hamill
    Reviewed by Peter McDonald