Pacific Rim Review of Books

Issue Nineteen

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Complete Issue Contents:

Michael McClure: A Celebration

  • “Michael McClure: Pure Protestantism, Pure Poetry, Pure Rock ’n’ Roll”
    Essay by Jack Foley
  • “The Everlasting Universe of Things”
    Essay by John Olson
  • “The Meat Reason of the Last Beat: McClure’s Latihan” An Essay
    Essay by Paul Nelson
  • “Intergalactic Greetings for a Star”
    Essay by James Edward Reid
  • “The McCluriad” A Poem
    by Jack Foley


  • “Sacred Rage: A Valentine for Joesph Anton”: Joseph Anton by Salman Rushdie
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • “Still Keeping the Beat”
    An essay by Vojo Sindolic
  • The H D Book by Robert Duncan
    Reviewed by Mike Doyle
  • Interview with Dennis Maloney of White Pine Press
    Interview by Gregory Dunne
  • “The Third Poetry”
    Essay by Len Gasparini
  • “Man in Black Again: On Johnny Cash”
    Essay by Richard Wirick


  • Young Readers: The Matatu by Eric Walters and Eva Campbell
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • Music Books: “New Orleans Roots”: Ernie K-Doe: The R&B Emperor of New Orleans
    by Ben SandmelBounce: Rap Music and Local Identity in New Orleans by Matt Miller;
    Congo Square: African Roots in New Orleans by Freddi Williams Evans;
    Louisiana Saturday Night by Alex V. Cook
    Reviewed by Joseph Blake
  • Mind and Body: “Coming Home to the Lotus Sutra”:
    Essay by Trevor Carolan
  • Fine Arts: “Looking at the Moon Man”: The Life and Art of George Fertig by Mona Fertig
    Reviewed by Marina Parapini


  • “Hello (Again) Honey": Dating: a novel by Dave Williamson
    Reviewed by Hilary Turner
  • "At Play in the Open Field": Two Films
    Reviewed by Peter Grant
  • The Lotus Singers Short Stories from Contemporary South Asia edited by Trevor Carolan
    Reviewed by Reshma Kalianpur
  • Indefinite Detention by Michael Rothenberg
    Reviewed by Tom Hibberd
  • The Collected Poems of Philip Lamantia by Philip Lamantia
    Remarks by Allan Graubard
  • The Exile Book of Yiddish Women Writers edited by Frieda Johles Forman
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • Vancouver Noir 1930-1960 by Diane Purvey and John Belshaw
    Reviewed by Heidi Greco
  • "Two Quiet Giants": Brave Genius by Sean B. Carroll
    Reviewed by Richard Wirick
  • “Curtal Sonnets and Vodka, Sestinas and Chemotherapy”: Overpass by Steve Davenport
    Reviewed by James D. Sullivan
  • “Butterflies in the Ghetto”: The Survival Rate of Butterflies in the Wild by Murray Reiss
    Reviewed by Scott Lawrance
  • The Stories That Are Great Within Us
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • "Falling (Downstairs) For Late T’ang Poems”: Echoes from Pluto by Mike Doyle
    Reviewed by Hannah Main-vanderKamp
  • This Drawn and Quartered Moon by klipschutz
    Reviewed by Steve Potter
  • House of the Unexpected by Julie Rogers
    Reviewed by Neeli Cherkovski
  • We Are Born with the Songs Inside Us by Katherine Palmer Gordon
    Reviewed by Trysh Ashby-Rolls
  • Alphabestiary: A Poetry-Emblem Book by H. Masud Taj & Bruce Meyer
    Reviewed by Christopher Levenson
  • Collage by George Whipple
    Reviewed by Sheila Martindale
  • Living Artfully: Reflections from the Far West Coast edited by Anita Sinner & Christine Lowther
    Reviewed by Barbara Julian
  • Anita’s Revolution by Shirley Langer
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • A Garden in the Wilderness by Edeana Malcolm
    Reviewed by Sheila Martindale
  • Lighting the Global Lantern by Terry Ann Carter
    Reviewed by Richard Stevenson
  • “From the Palestinian Heart”: Flawed Landscapes: Poems 1987-2008 by Sharif S. Elmusa
    Reviewed by Gary Lawless
  • “Theatre Between Languages”: Dramatic Licence by Louise Ladouceur
    Reviewed by Eric Spalding
  • “To the Painful Heart of Africa”: Drink the Bitter Root by Gary Geddes
    Reviewed by Ralph Maud
  • Muse by Mary Novik
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers