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Issue Twenty-Two

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Complete Issue Contents:


  • “A Coyote Life”: Tracks Along the Left Coast by Andrew Schelling
    Review by Trevor Carolan
  • Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen
    Review by Joseph Blake
  • Letter from Paris: “Poetry as Commuter”
    Essay by Anna Aublet
  • “Blood Soaked Plain” Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann
    Review by Richard Wirick
  • A Blaze in the Desert by Victor Serge
    Review by Allan Graubard
  • “Poetry and Prose from the Transmigrational Beyond”:
    Temporary Stranger by Jamie Reid, review by Trevor Carolan
  • Delmore Schwartz: “Errors Fecundity”
    Essay by Jack Foley


  • Media: “Journalism without Edge”: The News We Deserve by Marc Edge
    Review by Eric Spalding
  • Letter from Kyoto: “Passage: Homage to Edith Shiffert”
    Essay by Gregory Dunne
  • Music Books: Without Getting Killed or Caught: the Life and Music
    of Guy Clark
    by Tamara Saviano, review by Joseph Blake
  • Horticulture: Victory Gardens for Bees: a DIY Guide to Saving the Bees
    by Lori Weidenhammer, review by Rose Morrison
  • Poetry Round-Up: Small Acts by Bernice Lever; Gnarled Love by
    Daniel G. Scott; The Dirty Knees of Prayer by Timothy Shay;
    Eating Matters by Kara-lee MacDonald; Hush by Robert Martens
    Review by Candice James


  • “Love Among the Landslides”: The Road to Vermilion Lake by Vic Cavalli
    Review by Hilary Turner
  • “Mother and Daughter”: Short Takes on the Apocalypse by Patricia Young;
    Teardown by Clea Young, review by Linda Rogers
  • “From Darkness into Light”: Walking on Darkness by Peter Dale Scott
    Review by Jim Reid
  • Digsite by Owain Nicholson
    Review by Jesse Boyes
  • CareyOn by Cindy Graves
    Review by Joel Robertson Taylor
  • “Love Not Given Easily or Easily Understood”: If I Were in a Cage I’d
    Reach Out for You
    by Adele Barclay; Ignite by Kevin Spenst
    Review by Paul Falardeau
  • The Gross and Fine Geography by Stephen Bett
    Review by Antonio D’Alfonso
  • “This Act Is an Ancient Tale New Told”: Shakespearean Blues by Shirley Graham
    Review by Hilary Turner
  • After All the Scissor Work Is Done by David Fraser
    Review by Candice James
  • Life in Suspension by Hélène Cardona
    Review by Antonio D’Alfonso
  • “Talk to Me About Sunlight”: A Visit to the Ranch & Other Poems by klipschutz
    Review by Jessica McDermott
  • The Charm Buyers by Lillian Howan
    Review by Micheline Soong
  • “Anyday Kind of Poems”: Small, Frequent Loads of Laundry by Rhonda Ganz;
    serpentine loop by Elee Kraljii Gardner, review by Julia Dovey