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Issue Twenty-Three

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Complete Issue Contents:


  • “‘Right Over the Plate’ with the Two Georges”: Some End by Geoge Bowering &
    West Broadway by George Stanley, review by Colin James Sanders
  • Japan and the Beats, Tokyo Poetry Journal Vol. 5, edited by Taylor Mignon
    Review by Trevor Carolan
  • Collected Poems by Alden Nowlen
    Review by Richard Stevenson
  • A Pugilist at the Riots: Norman Mailer’s Sixties
    Review by Richard Wirick
  • The Wilds of Poetry by David Hinton
    Review by Scott Lawrance
  • Infinite Gradation by Ann Michaels
    Review by Linda Rogers
  • Preserving Fire: Selected Prose by Philip Lamantia
    Review by Allan Graubard
  • “Unassimilable”: Complete Poems by Kenneth Rexroth
    Review by Jack Foley
  • What We Must Remember by Christy Passion, Ann Inoshita, Juliet S. Kono,
    and Jean Yamasaki Toyama
    Review by Micheline M. Soong
  • My Year of Dirt and Water by Tracy Franz
    Review by Maryse Cardin


  • Music Books: Reckless Daughter: A Portrait of Joni Mitchell by David Jaffe
    Soul Survior: A Biography of Al Green by Jimmy McDonough
    Reviews by Joseph Blake
  • International Relations: “A Peace to End All Peace”: The Great War for Civilisation
    by Robert Fisk; The Age of Jihad by Patrick Cockburn; ISIS: The State of Terror
    by Jessica Stern and J.M Berger; A Peace to End All Peace by David Fromkin
    Review by James Edward Reid
  • Science: “Where the Days Go”: The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli
    Review by Richard Wirick
  • Letter from China: “Tree of Blue Rivers”
    Essay by Richard Wirick
  • Border Crossings: “Meeting a French Artist in Bali”
    Essay by Trevor Carolan
  • In Memorium: David Bromige (1933-2009)
    Essay by Jack Foley


  • The Shadow in the Garden by James Atlas
    Review by Richard Wirick
  • Ocean Plastic by Orchid Tierney
    Review by Stephen Bett
  • Bad Endings by Carleigh Baker
    Review by Chelsea Pastorchik
  • The Social Life of String by Len Gasparini
    Review by Ryan Pastorchik
  • Shakespeare, Bakhtin and film, a Dialogic Lens by Keith Harrison
    Review by Linda Rogers
  • “Some Streams in Current B.C. Poetry” Undiscovered Country by Al Rempel;
    Songen by Patrick Friesen; Bothism by Tanya Evanson;
    Review by Paul Falardeau
  • “Lonely Canadians in Exotic Locales”: Blue River and Red Earth
    by Stephen Henighan,
    Review by Eric Spalding
  • Birnam Wood by José Manuel Cardona
    Review by Antonio D’Alfonso
  • Beyond Elsewhere by Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac
    Review by Antonio D’Alfonso
  • The Man Who Best Drew Women by Martin Gray
    Review by Carmelo Militano
  • “Argüelles in Elysium”: Fragments from a Gone World by Ivan Argüelles
    Review by Jake Berry
  • “Two from Ekstasis”: A Year of Mornings by Andrea McKenzie Raine;
    Sieve of Light in the Pine Forest by Károly Fellinger
    Reviews by Candice James