Pacific Rim Review of Books

Issue Three

Complete Issue Contents:

  • Beautiful Dreamer: Reading Tom Waits
    by Joseph Blake
  • Persky's ABC's
    by Bruce Serafin
  • Where to Begin: Remembering Cid Corman
    by Gregory Dunne
  • Writing History
    by Rex Weyler
  • Two Views of Alan Twigg's Aboriginality
    by Kristine Archer and Laura Cranmer
  • Don't Eat This Book
    by Dr. Nicolas Kats
  • The Writing Passport: From Baffin Island to Banff
    by Rachel Wyatt
  • In the Shadow of Democracy
    Reg Little
  • A Brush With Life
    by Linda Rogers
  • Rexroth's Century
    by Mike Doyle
  • Tales of Two Cites
    by Linda Rogers
  • The Redemption of Anna Dupree
    by Al MacLachlan
  • Is Stuart Ross the Future of Publishing?
    by John Moore
  • An Anthology of Wisdom Poetry
    by Trevor Carolan
  • Stumbling in the Bloom
    by Allan Brown
  • In Memorium: Gwyladys Downes
    by M. Travis Lane
  • Two Poems
    by Gwyladys Downes
  • Behind the Gray Door
    by Martin van Woudenberg
  • Batcher of Shadows
    by Isa Milman
  • The Last Modernist: on Eldon Grier
    by Stephen Morrisey
  • One Stone, Many Meanings
    by Brian Campbell
  • Not Much Substance Without Style
    by Pam Madoff
  • The Machinery of Love
    by Jan Drabek
  • Telling It as It Might Have Been
    by Jenny Weatherford
  • Suggestive Poetry Leaping Off the Page
    by Yvonne Blomer
  • How to Change the World
    by Michael Platzer