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Because the Pacific Rim Review of Books is not supported by Government Funding it is increasingly difficult to pay writers a reasonable fee for their work. As you can see, we publish significant reviews by both established and emerging reviewers, writers and critics. We are very proud of the fact that all the writers we have published have had enough confidence in this project to provide us with their most substantial work. However, many of our writers live on their work and are working writers. We derive only a minor portion of our income from either ad sales or subscriptions. Most of the large expenses, including writers fees, come from the publishers pockets and, because of the nature of the Pacific Rim Review of Books, we operate at a deficit, a negative cultural economy. We cannot afford to sustain the magazine and pay our authors what their work is worth. For this reason we are appealing to visitors to this site or readers of the magazine, who believe in the importance of the need for literary discourse, to consider making a donation. Book review journals similar to our are disappearing at an alarming rate and there are only five free standing book sections in newspapers left in all of North America. All donations will go directly towards writers fees, and we do hope that this will sustain a level of discourse that all our readers have come to expect.

You can donate any amount you wish, but as a bonus, with a $25.00 donation in Canada ($50.00 U.S. and International), you will receive a one-year subscription to the PRRB. With a $50.00 donation ($100 U.S. and International), you will receive a two-year subscription. With a $100.00 donation ($200 U.S. and International), you will receive a two-year subscription and a copy of Against the Shore: The Best of the Pacific Rim Review of Books. If you are already a subscriber, the appropriate number of years will be added to your current subscription. All figures are in Canadian dollars.

Send a cheque payable to the PRRB to:
PRRB, Box 8474 Main Postal Outlet
Victoria, B.C. Canada V8W 3S1

Or you can donate through PayPal: