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Richard Olafson

Richard Olafson is an editor, poet, book designer and publisher. A long-time Victoria resident, he is active in many community organizations. Richard Olafson has published a number of books and chapbooks, among them Blood of the Moon, The Name of Being, In Arbutus Light, Apotheosis, Roses. Pearls. Ocean. Stars: Triads, The Ocean and My Body are One, My Body is the Ocean, and most recently, Cloud on My Tongue, and There are Some So Unlucky they Do Not Even Have Bodies.

He attended the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in its second year of operation and was much influenced the following year by taking classes from Warren Tallman at UBC's English Department. As a book designer, he has published over 270 chapbooks and books. He is currently co-editor and publisher of The Pacific Rim Review of Books.

He has lived in Victoria for many years and enjoys parenting two teenage boys with singer-songwriter Carol Ann Sokoloff.