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Upcoming Reviews
books to be reviewed in issue 20 and beyond

Brick Books
Joanna Lilley
The Fleece Era
Jane Munro
Blue Sonoma
Arleen Paré
Lake of Two Mountains
Karen Enns
Ordinary Hours
Don Domanski
Bite Down Little Whisper
Barry Dempster
Invisible Dogs
Catherine Greenwood
The Lost Letters
TSAR Publications
Sahdu Binning
Fauji Banta Singh and other stories
Loren Edizel
The Ghosts of Smyrna
Balwant Bhaneja
Troubled Pilgrimage: Passage to Pakistan
Dannabang Kuwabong
Voices from Kibuli Country
Trish Salah
Wanting in Arabic
Josésphine Bacon
Message Sticks
Indran Amirthanayagam
Uncivil War
edited by Chelva Kanaganayakam
In Our Translated World:
Contemporary Global Tamil Poetry