Pacific Rim Review of Books

Issue Four

Complete Issue Contents:

  • Soul Poet: Sam Cooke's Ghetto Melody
    by Joseph Blake
  • CD Review: Blue Eyes and Exit Wounds
    by Richard Olafson
  • Sympathy
    by Linda Rogers
  • Book of Longing
    by Trevor Carolan
  • Dancing With the Dead
    by Red Pine
  • Airstream
    by Linda Rogers
  • Olson Matters
    by Peter Grant
  • John Fante & Charles Bukowski in Hollywoodland
    by Ben Pleasants
  • Along the Wellness Trail
    by Dr. Nicolas Kats
  • The Ideas of AF Moritz
    by Eric Miller
  • The Whole Wide World
    by Kathryn Trueblood
  • Peaks and Lamas
    by Peter Francis
  • Sensing Belief Systems
    by Michael Platzer
  • A Century of War
    by Reg Little
  • Cid Corman & the Poetics of Translation, part 2
    by Gregory Dunne
  • Tangier Renegade: Ira Cohen interviews Paul Bowles in 1965
    edited by Gena Caponi
  • Ira Cohen's Dissolute Life
    by Jordan Zinovich
  • Three Views of Crystal Water
    by Apis Teicher
  • Taking Root in an Unfamiliar Landscape
    by Frances Cabahug
  • Mandorla
    by Kevin O'Rourke
  • Where to Begin
    by Gregory Dunne
  • Over the River
    by Andrew Schelling
  • Merton Meets the Beats
    by Ron Dart
  • Gwyladys & Rona & Anne & Dorothy & Helene & Travis & Me
    by Sharon H Nelson
  • Art Nature Dialogues
    by Yvonne Owens
  • First Fire / Ce feu qui devore
    by rob mclennan
  • The Fine Beauty of Letterpress
    by Nola Accili
  • Before I Wake
    by Yvonne Blomer
  • Two by Rhenisch
    by Linda Rogers
  • Alert Bay Poem
    by Joan Stone
  • Mowlavee: Encountering Rumi
    by Hussein Samet
  • Short Reviews
    A Mother's String by Linda Rogers
    Auguries of Innocence by Miles Lowry
    Beyond the Pale by Wendy Morton
  • John Pass
    by Allan Brown