Pacific Rim Review of Books

Issue Ten

Feature Articles:

“Always Changing”
An Interview with Bob Dylan by Vojo Sindolic

“Imagining David Watmough”: Myself Through Others and Geraldine by David Watmough
Reviewed by Jan Drabek

“Lowry’s Volcanic Eruptions of the Soul”: The Voyage that Never Ends: Malcolm Lowry in His Own Words, edited by Michael Hoffman
Reviewed by Trevor Carolan

“Pivoting Toward Peace: the Engaged Poetics of Thomas Merton and Denise Levertov”
Essay by Susan McCaslin

“Summing Up That Force of Goodness”: The Next One Thousand Years, The Selected Poems of Cid Corman
Reviewed by Gregory Dunne

Charles Olson at the Harbor by Ralph Maud
Reviewed by Peter Grant

"Through a Glass Darkly": Mary Novik's Conceit
Reviewed by Linda Rogers


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