Pacific Rim Review of Books

Issue Thirteen

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Complete Issue Contents:

Remembering P.K. Page

  • “That’s the Way It Began: An Interview with P.K. Page at 92”
    Interview by Joseph Blake
  • “Remembering P.K. Page While Reading Coal and Roses”
    By Rachel Wyatt
  • Reading Poetry: P.K. Page’s “A Grave Illness”
    By Yvonne Blomer
  • “P.K Page’s Children’s Books”
    Review by Sara Cassidy

  • “Travels with Kapuscinski: The Global Human Experience”
    By Robert Philbin
  • “The Procrastinating Poet” The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker
    Review by Eric Spalding
  • “The World in a Wineglass” World’s End by Pablo Neruda
    Review by Hilary Turner
  • Raymond Carver: A Writer’s Life by Carol Sklenicka
    Review by Richard Wirick
  • “The Big Book of Ballard”: The Complete Stories of J.G. Ballard
    Review by Carol Cooper
  • “Cavafy’s Other Worlds”: Collected Poems by C.P. Cavafy; Poems by C.P. Cavafy
    Review by Mike Doyle
  • “Gary Snyder’s Riprap at Fifty”: Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems:
    Fiftieth Anniversary Edition by Gary Snyder
    Review by Tim McNulty
  • “No One Listens to Poetry: Jack Spicer Composes the Real”: my vocabulary
    did this to me: The Collected Poetry of Jack Spicer
    Review by Peter Grant
  • “Interview with Andrew Schelling”
    Interview by Paul Nelson
  • “Final Poems and Stories About the End of Life” Endpoint and Other Poems
    by John Updike; My Father’s Tears and Other Stories by John Updike
    Review by Eric Spalding
  • “The Persistence of Desire: What Updike Meant”
    By Richard Wirick
  • Falsework by Gary Geddes
    Reviewed by Marin VanWoudenberg


  • Personal Point of View: “Daniel P. Mannix”
    by Jim Christy
  • Music Books: Stormy Weather by James Gavin; Hound Dog by Jerry Leiber
    and Mike Stoller with David Ritz
    Review by Joseph Blake
  • Belief: Soul Shaping: Adventures in Self Creation by Jeff Brown
    Review by Lu Bianco


  • A Longing for the Light by Vicente Aleixandre
    Review by Hannah Main-van der Kamp
  • Dropping the Bow: Poems of Ancient India, translated by Andrew Schelling
    Review by Gregory Dunne
  • “Vincent Katz”: The Complete Elegies of Sextus Propertius, translated by Vincent Katz
    Review by Jim Feast
  • “A Singular Event Horizon”: You Are Here by Donald Breckenridge
    Review by Jordan Zinovich
  • The Women by T.C. Boyle
    Review by Linda Rogers
  • “Paradise Lost, Again”: Deloume Road by Matthew Hooton
    Review by Linda Rogers
  • “Remembering Allen Ginsberg at Hollyhock Farm”: Offbeat: the Allen Ginsberg
    Interview with Hillel Wright
    Review by Colin James Sanders
  • The Inventor of Love & Other Writings by Gherasim Luca,
    translated by Julian and Laura Semilian
    Review by Allan Graubard
  • The Practice of Perfection by Mary Frances Coady
    Review by Linda Rogers
  • “Mexican Translations of Aching Beauty”: Solar Poems by Homero Aridjis,
    translated by George McWhirter
    Review by Apis Teicher
  • “Darker Voices”: Strike/Slip by Don McKay
    Review by Eric Miller
  • Adrift on the Ark by Margaret Thompson
    Review by Vivien Lougheed
  • Red Zone by Kim Goldberg
    Review by Trish Ashby-Rolls
  • Light from a Bullet Hole: Poems New & Selected 1950-2008 by Ralph Salisbury
    Review by James D. Sullivan
  • “Lost Souls and Mean Streets”: Kaspoit! by Dennis E. Bolen
    Review by Paul Falardeau