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Issue Twenty-One

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Complete Issue Contents:


  • Reluctant Rebellions, Shauna Singh Baldwin.
    Review by Katie Stobbar
  • Gary Snyder: The Great Clod,
    Interview by Trevor Carolan
  • Arvind Mehrotra – An Appreciatio
    By Andrew Schelling
  • Do Not Say We Have Nothing, Madeleine Thein
    Review by Joseph Blake
  • Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize
    by Joseph Blake
  • Three Poems
    by Peter Dale Scott
  • Empty Bowl Redux
    by Michael Daley


  • Travel: Amsterdam Noord: A Post-Apocalyptic Daytrip
    by Alexandria Waycott
  • Music Books: M Train by Patti Smith
    Review by Joseph Blake
  • Artbooks: Sveva by Daphne Marlatt
    Review by Hilary Turner
    The Art of Mary Filer by Christine Johnson
    Review by Julia Dovey


  • Shift, by Kelly Shepherd
    Review by Hannah Main-van der Kamp
  • The Days by MAC Farrant
    Review by Julia Dovey
  • Snake City by Joe Rosenblatt
    Review by Linda Rogers
  • “Captive Sylph” Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life by Ruth Franklin.
    Review by Richard Wirick
  • The Flour Peddler by Chris & Josh Hergesheimer
    Review by Rose Morrison
  • Garage Criticism by Peter Babiak
    Review by Bradley Peters
  • “Asia’s Contemporary Engaged Buddhism”: Seeds by Peace anthology
    Review by Maryse Cardin
  • The Book of Harlan by Bernice McFadden
    Review by Joseph Blake
  • “A Glorious Thought Excursion” In Advance of the Broken Justy by John Olson
    Review by Steve Potter
  • Southness by Vincent Katz.
    Review by Paul Falardeau
  • Jettison by Nathaniel Moore and Cretacea by Martin West
    Reviews by Paul Falardeau
  • New World Dharma by Trevor Carolan
    Review by Maryse Cardin
  • “The Barque of Hobbes” The North Water by Ian McGuire
    Review by Richard Wirick
  • “Three Takes on Mortality” Vanishing Act by Giles Blunt,
    th book by bill bissett, and The Bird in the Stillness by Joe Rosenblatt
    Reviews by Linda Rogers
  • Chewing Water by Nelson Ball
    Review by Sharon Berg
  • For Your Safety Please Hold On by Kayla Czaga
    Review by Katie Stobbart
  • Vesuvio/Vesuvius by Zulmira Ribeiro Tavares, translated by Hugh Hazelton
    Review by Brian Campbell
  • Via Roma by Mary Melfi
    Review by Carmelo Militano
  • Price Paid: The Fight for First Nations Survival by Bev Sellars
    Review by Chuck Barker
  • The Brink of Freedom by Stella Leventoyannis
    Review by Linda Rogers
  • Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur
    Review by Jessica Milliken
  • On The American Deep State by Peter Dale Scott
    Review by James Reid
  • Marlene Dietrich’s Eyes by Isabella Colalillo Katz
    Review by Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews
  • Undetectable by Kim Goldberg
    Review by Howard Breen
  • A Bee Garden by Marilyn Pilling
    Review by Linda Rogers
  • Three Craws by James Yorkston
    Review by Ewan Clark
  • Blaise Cendrars Speaks, Translated by David MacKinnon; ed. Jim Christy
    Review by Ryan Pastorchik
  • Triple Crown, Sonnets by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright
    Review by Ilka Scobie
  • U Girl by Meredith Quartermain
    Review by Ali Siemens
  • Ravenscrag by Alain Farah
    Review by Peter McCambridge
  • L’année la plus longue by Daniel Grenier.
    By Peter McCambridge
  • The News by Rob Taylor
    Review by Chelsea Pastorchik